How to Make the Office Smarter

When there is a lot going on in the office, it helps to know what type of help is available out there for those who are working in a hectic office environment without a lot of assistance. There may be loud coworkers, tension with an employer, or a host of other problems associated with working in a particular office setting.

The good news is that modern cell phone spy app for iphone inventions have made working in an office more bearable than ever before. The ability of workers to circumvent their problems using technology may not provide a solution to the problem, but it will definitely make dealing with the problem easier. This is where modern technology comes in. Consumer electronics have evolved to be able to deal with all sorts of issues, including those taking place in the workplace.

Today, office supplies have grown beyond Newton’s Cradle (the set of 5 silver balls where they are continuously swinging back and forth). The consumer electronics industry has realized the great market that the office industry is, and have begun innovating to make everyday tasks simpler and more efficient (and sometimes just more fun). Let’s take a look at the different kinds of gadgets that improve the technology within the office.

The S1 360 Swivel Dock

This dock for smartphones provides a suction-style grip that holds the phone firmly to itself. Its modern and contemporary design takes up little room on a desk or table, and it swivels so that the phone can be swerved so that the person at the desk can easily show their phone to the person sitting across from them.

FUUT Desk Feet Hammock

While not necessarily an electronic device, this “hammock” attaches between the legs of a desk, giving one’s feet the chance to hang and rest while the person is sitting down at their desk. It’s not an electronic device, but it will definitely make doing work at a desktop computer or on a MacBook more exciting. At under 15 USD, this comfort increasing device is a huge benefit to those who are looking to be more comfortable at their place of employment (just make sure the boss doesn’t mind or doesn’t see).

Aerelight A1 OLED Desk Lamp

This lamp is a huge benefit to those who are working a little late and need some extra light. This desk lamp is available in red, silver, or black, and provides organic LED light to the desk above which it hangs. This is great for those who are needing something a light that is able to blend in with a classy, expensive desk.

SMART kapp 42 Capture Board

This amazing device is a cross between a white board and a tablet. Users are able to have it share their plans or illustrations with whoever is logged into the meeting. It even has the ability to connect with up to 250 people at once. Available at around 800 USD, it is quite an investment. But it’s definitely worth it for those who are needing to broadcast their meetings online, and may be well worth the investment for those who are needing a little something more in the conference room because of the distance between their employees.

No matter what kind of work someone is involved in, there are bound to be office solutions that enable them to get the job done quicker. There are even gadgets designed to spice things up in the office and make things look a little more modern. Whatever someone chooses to invest in when it comes to electronics, there are a lot of cool devices to choose from.